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Overcoming the Paradox of Choice: Selecting EDC Capabilities to Fit Your Needs

In partnership with Applied Clinical Trials, our VP of Data Strategies & Solutions Tanya du Plessis explores key outsourcing strategies and decisions for small emerging biopharmas. Last month, Tanya discussed how to avoid and reduce the impact of momentum-breaking clinical trial amendments, and how choosing the right electronic data capture (EDC) system to collect and manage your clinical trial data is a key way to mitigate those risks.

However, the challenging part about this seemingly simple task is that it can quickly become very overwhelming. With so many EDC providers offering a range of solutions, how can start-ups or small biotechs ensure they select the right tools with the capabilities to fit both existing and future needs? How do you begin to sort through all the choices and find the right EDC platform or solution?

In this month’s post, Tanya sits down with Richard Young, Vice President, Vault CDMS Strategy at Veeva Systems, to discuss what that entails when it comes to shopping around for an EDC and how sponsors within smaller organizations can ensure they are set up for long-term success.

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